Text that says, "A space for real friends"
Rescue your most important friendships, into a proper place for sharing daily life

Two ways to share

Use the Daily Album to share what you're up to with your entire inner circle, and closed-door Cocoons or 1:1 threads for messaging

The easiest and way to hang out with your group

Scheduling a group call shouldn't feel like work. Invite anyone to chat live in Cocoon without ringing their phones and when a call is underway, others in the group can pop in and out effortlessly.

Available on iOS and Android

Cocoon works great on both iOS and Android, so you never have to worry about the color of your text bubbles, or excluding anyone in the group from platform-specific apps.

The home page of Cocoon displayed on an iPhone and an Android phone.

A privacy-centric business model

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp all collect your personal data to power a massive advertising machine.

Cocoon is powered directly by people, allowing us to stay ad-free and never compromise your data or privacy.

Start today

Stay connected with a private social media alternative

An image of the Cocoon app on an iPhone that says "Download for iPhone"An image of the Cocoon app on an Android phone that says "Download for Android"