Text that says, "A place to call home, on your phone"
Cocoon is a warm & cozy gathering place to keep your family close

A private & customizable Cocoon, just for your family

Choose from a suite of plug-ins to build the perfect personalized space for your family - on top of a solid foundation of threaded conversations, photo archives, flight tracking, and more.

Connect stress-free with joinable audio/video calls

Scheduling a family call shouldn't feel like work. On Cocoon, you can invite anyone to an audio/video call without ringing their phones. When a call is underway, other family members can pop in and out effortlessly.

Available on iOS and Android

Cocoon works great on both iOS and Android, so you never have to worry about the color of your text bubbles, or excluding anyone in the group from platform-specific apps.

The home page of Cocoon displayed on an iPhone and an Android phone.

Peace of mind, with a privacy-forward business model

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp all collect your family’s personal data to power targeted ads.

We offer an optional paid subscription that unlocks an enhanced experience. This allows Cocoon to stay ad-free forever, and never compromise your privacy.

Start your Cocoon today

Break ground on the digital home for your family.

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