Cocoon will never sell ads or monetize your data. Instead, we offer an optional paid subscription.

Given the nature of Cocoon — what it's used for and the people you use it with — selling ads or monetizing your data in any shape or form would run contradictory to our mission. Advertising businesses need to harvest as much time, attention, and data as possible. That's why most social networks that start out as places for friends & family turn into public squares for creators, influencers, commerce, and anything else under the sun that might catch an extra moment of your attention.

We'd rather focus 100% of our efforts on making Cocoon the best place for closeness so our business is powered by paid subscriptions instead of advertising.

Cocoon Memberships

Cocoon is free to use, but you can purchase an optional Membership for an enhanced experience around the app.


These prices are set in USD and vary per market.

Membership benefits

The first feature launching with Memberships is infinite history for Daily Albums. Free users get a two-week rolling window of visibility, and can purchase a Membership at any point to unlock the full history of the moments shared with you by your network. We plan to keep adding new goodies to Memberships over time.