Introducing Cocoon 3.0

July 22, 2021

When you close your eyes and think of the perfect social app for your inner circle, what comes to mind?

It starts with the people

But not just any people! Your people. The ones you genuinely want to stay closely connected to. There could be millions of other people using the app too, but you couldn't care less. The perfect social app connects you with just your people, and no one else.

There would be a fun and simple way to share what you're up to, without having to think too hard. Is this photo good enough? Will it get enough likes? Am I over-sharing? In the perfect social app, the only people who can see your stuff are the ones you want to be sharing with — more authentically, and more often. In turn, you'd get more regular updates from them too, without having to wade through a sea of ads, acquaintances, influencers, and suggested posts.

In theory, this sounds pretty simple

But we all know how difficult it is in practice.

There was a time when social networks like Facebook and Instagram worked pretty well for sharing photos and updates with our friends and family. But that era is over. So we reluctantly retreated to messaging apps... which work fine for sending messages that are important enough to interrupt, bump a thread, and need a response. But certainly not for sharing the little moments that really paint the picture of our lives.

Cocoon has strived to be a new kind of social app where you can rescue our closest friends and family away from chaos and pressure of social networks, and the boring back-and-forth of messaging apps. And it's been working great for all sorts of groups of families and friends.  But we uncovered a couple of things that were holding us back from fully delivering on the promise of offering the best digital home base for you and your closest people.

First, not everyone in our inner circles can be perfectly organized into groups. Needing to successfully get a whole Cocoon assembled was getting in the way of bringing over all the people we want to share more of our lives with.

Second, in the shift from social networks towards more insular messaging apps (including Cocoon), it became impossible to easily share what we're up to with more than one person or group at a time — our friends & family got scattered into silos!

Cocoon 3.0: a place to share with all your people, and just your people

We've made two changes to the app. First, you can now simply add individual friends (in addition to making Cocoons). This should make it easier to bring over everyone you care to be sharing with, without worrying about having to fit everyone neatly into an inter-connected group that you need to get up and running. Second, we're really excited to bring back a fundamental activity that we loved from classic social networks: sharing moments in your day with your entire inner circle, all at once.

The new Daily Album fills up quietly throughout the day, with no notifications sent as moments are added. When you add something, it will show up in the Daily Albums of all your friends and the people you share a Cocoon with. And they are all contributors to your Daily Album. No two grids will be alike — each one is a personalized mosaic representing that day for the people you care about. At the end of the day, it resets and you can swipe back through time to revisit past days.

A new way to pay, if you'd like to do so

Last December, we introduced a pay-per-Cocoon pricing model and we're so grateful for everyone who's sponsored a Cocoon so far. With this latest update, we're evolving the way that our paid subscription works.

You can now make as many Cocoons and add as many friends as you'd like, for free. Instead of paying for Cocoons, we're launching Memberships: an optional paid subscription that enhances your experience around the app.

The first feature launching with Memberships is infinite history for Daily Albums. If you're a free user of Cocoon you'll get a two-week rolling window of visibility, and can purchase a Membership at any point to unlock the full history of the moments shared with you by your network. We plan to keep adding new goodies to Memberships over time, and are excited to hear your feedback and ideas too.

Anyone who's purchased a Cocoon sponsorship in the past will automatically get a Membership, along with extras to gift to their friends and family. More details have been sent via email. Thank you so much for being early supporters!

Try the new Cocoon today

The new update is live on the App Store and Google Play. We're so excited to share it with you, and can't wait to hear how you use it.