Cocoon is Saying Goodbye

May 2, 2023

With a heavy heart, we're sharing the news that Cocoon will be discontinuing its services a few weeks from now on June 1, 2023.

In August of 2021, the team behind Cocoon was acquired by Substack. We’ve been able to keep the app up and running for the small group of users relying on Cocoon to share their lives with close friends and family for almost two years, but we’re approaching the point where it’s becoming unsustainable to maintain a high quality experience.

We’d like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been using the app over the years, especially to anyone who purchased a paid membership. We are incredibly grateful for all the love and support.

Due to the way Apple handles in-app subscriptions, we can’t provide refunds ourselves, but you may request a refund from Apple if you have recently purchased a subscription and would like a refund. You can also request a copy of your data (including a .zip file of all your photos) directly from the app (Settings > Account > Download Your Data).

We are really sad to pull the plug! Our team will personally miss the app dearly when it’s gone, and there’s no obvious alternative to move to ourselves or point the community towards. That said, we believe more than ever in the value of a dedicated space on your phone just for your closest relationships and we’re optimistic that something of this nature can thrive. We’re excited to support anyone who takes up the mantle.

Best wishes,

The Cocoon Team