Messaging designed for natural conversation

Easily keep up several conversations at once — simply tap anywhere to reply in-line without breaking the flow. Only receive notifications for conversations you're actively a part of, so you never have to resort to muting people you care about.

All your activity is saved for safe-keeping

Think about all the meaningful activity that gets lost in an infinite scroll. Photos of kids and pets, inside jokes, stories and memories. In Cocoon, simply zoom out to see your history in a beautiful archive that fills up naturally as you use it.

Special features for your closest groups only

Track each other’s flights in real time (never anxiously wait for that "just landed" text again), automatically share health activity with people who care about your wellbeing, or even just let someone know you're thinking about them with one tap.

Create rich posts from anything you want

Cocoon recognizes the difference between responding to an ongoing conversation, and sharing something new. You can create a new post with any combination of photos, videos, text, locations, and more. The others can see, reply, or react to it any time.

Joinable calls are the easiest way to be together

Scheduling a group call shouldn't feel like hard work. Instead, you can invite anyone to an audio/video call without ringing their phones, and once you're connected the others in your group can jump in too if they're around.

Real-world presence too

Cocoon goes further than a simple green dot. Beyond seeing who's actively present in your Cocoon while you're there, you can get little clues into their real world presence too.

A window into each other’s day

Tapping on a member of your Cocoon brings up a rich status card, instead of a typical address book entry. You can fine-tune the way you share location or any other kind of status info.

Automatic updates and interesting insights

Your feed is always alive and moving forward. Interesting insights about your group show up automatically as everyone goes about their day.

Weekly mini-stories about your group

Every Sunday, your group's Weekly Report will land in your feed with a recap of the week ranging from the total distance travelled and weather extremes, to step count leaders and exercise trends, and more.

All your important groups, neatly organized

You can be in multiple Cocoons and they'll be distinct spaces with their own permanent real estate on your phone, instead of constantly shuffling around an inbox and having different sub-threads spin up and down.

A privacy-oriented business model

We will never serve ads inside of Cocoon or monetize your personal data in any way. After a 30 day trial, each Cocoon needs to be sponsored by one member to keep it running.

Considering a switch?

See how Cocoon compares to other apps.